Rehoboth Empowerment Center (REC) provides Community Reentry Support Services to returning citizens who come under the jurisdiction of Probation Department. The program provides services to returning citizens newly released from incarceration as well as returning citizens who have been referred for REC participation by their assigned probation officers, as a sanction for violating their probation terms and conditions. This program provides you with the opportunity to transition back into the community while under the supervision. This program assists participants in moving toward reintegration into the community. As a participant, you will be expected to make positive changes in your life to avoid future encounters with the criminal justice system.


REC provides housing for returning citizens along with these other services 


  •    High School Education Program/ GED

  •    Cognitive Behavioral Change Program

  •     Parenting & Family Reintegration

  •     Stress/Anger Management

  •     Employment Skills Training

  •     Career Planning/ Development

  •     Life Skills Development

  •     Computer Literacy Classes

      There are various staff members at the REC - treatment counselors, administrators, case manager, and educators. All staff, regardless of title, is part of the supervision team. Failure to follow instructions of any staff member can be cause for disciplinary actions. Questions, concerns, or concern for additional information regarding the Rehoboth Empowerment Center can be directed to Director Dr. Yolanda Walcott (678) 472-2281 or Assistant Director (678) 833-3829.

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