Pastor/ Founder  Dr. Yolanda Walcott

  Certified Sexual Addiction Counselor / Board Ceritifed Christian Therapist/ Life Coach and Anger Management Specialist



     Dr. Yolanda Walcott  is the pastor and founder of Rehoboth Empowerment Center, she was ordained as a Minister February of 2002 by Bishop Dreyfus Smith pastor of Wings of Faith Ministries.  Early in her ministry Dr. Walcott knew that God had called her into outreach and deliverance ministry. Her passion is winning souls and seeing people delivered and walking in victory. She has a heart and a passion for young people and the issues they are dealing with. 

     Dr. Walcott has a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Restoration Theological Seminary and her Doctoral Degree in Biblical Studies from Spirit of truth institute. Dr. Walcott is a board certified Christian Counselor and Therapist by the Georgia Board of Examiners for Christian Counselors and Therapists.  Dr. Walcott is also a certified anger management specialist and certified Sexual Addiction counselor, Para-legal and Life Coach; she is also a chaplain for the Forest Park Police department and Piedmont Henry hospital. 

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