Walcott Paralegals Services is a Paralegal Document Service with Certified Paralegal ready to meet your uncontested legal document needs.  Your needs are met quickly and accurately. There's no hourly rate, you only pay a flat-fee per service.

Walcott Paralegals Services helps individuals to represent themselves in many uncontested legal matters that don’t necessarily involve court appearances. (Attorneys represent people in court.)  We can assist you in preparing your uncontested legal documents.

Notary services are also provided.  We guarantee affordable, excellence and professional services.


Divorce: Dissolves marriages; divides assets and debits; identifies child and/or spousal support.(this include cour cost $370.00)

Name Change and Adoption:

Filing Fee        $370.00
Publication       $ 80.00
Total                 $450.00

Walcott Paralegal Services cannot give you legal advice, tell you what your legal rights or remedies are, represent you in court; or tell you how to testify in court.


     The information provided through Walcott Paralegal Services, is not to be construed as rendering legal advice or accepting fees for legal advice

The information provided through Walcott Paralegal Services' web site cannot be used for legal advice. The laws of the State of Georgia will apply to all transactions resulting from this site.

Georgia’s law prohibits paralegals from offering legal services directly to the public and such practice would be considered "the unauthorized practice of law" (UPL). Walcott Paralegal Services reserves the right to deny services to anyone without cause. Any comments are the opinions of Yolanda Walcott  and must not be interpreted, and used in any way as legal advice.